Having you in my life gives me a feeling of being complete. I feel so complete to have you that now all my wishes and prayers have your name. It's like whenever anyone would ask me to make a wish or to pray, I'd without a thought just take your name and then something I'd say. It's like whenever someone talks about happiness, our days come to my mind like ocean full of waves. Whenever I hear the word "love", my lips give me the taste of your name. Everything mattered, but now I find everything dying and it's just you that's within me and I feel you'll be here in my heart and you'll be here, forever alive. 
I've found myself telling people not to waste my time despite being idle, can you guess why ?
Just because I feel I'm wasting my time, I'm wasting each second by not thinking about you. I feel I'm incomplete even if a single moment goes without having you on my mind. 
I tell people to leave me alone. I don't have time for anything anymore just because I'm busy loving you from the core. I might fall in short of breaths for I feel life wouldn't be long enough for me and my love to be expressed. 


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