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Having you in my life gives me a feeling of being complete. I feel so complete to have you that now all my wishes and prayers have your name. It's like whenever anyone would ask me to make a wish or to pray, I'd without a thought just take your name and then something I'd say. It's like whenever someone talks about happiness, our days come to my mind like ocean full of waves. Whenever I hear the word "love", my lips give me the taste of your name. Everything mattered, but now I find everything dying and it's just you that's within me and I feel you'll be here in my heart and you'll be here, forever alive. 
I've found myself telling people not to waste my time despite being idle, can you guess why ?
Just because I feel I'm wasting my time, I'm wasting each second by not thinking about you. I feel I'm incomplete even if a single moment goes without having you on my mind. 
I tell people to leave me alone. I don't have time for anything anymore just because I'm busy loving you from the core. I might fall in short of breaths for I feel life wouldn't be long enough for me and my love to be expressed. 


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When we say we are missing someone, what do we mean? They're missing from our life,isn't it?
When we say something is missing then what does that mean? It means we feel there is something which used to exist but doesn't exist now,isn't it?

Well, for me this word "missing" has completely taken a new form, it has an absolutely new meaning, I mean except for the most common concept it has created in the minds of most people!
It's too overused for something that's physically absent.

But the fact is that things need not be missing just physically, like you do not get your most important accessory and you call it to be missing from its place,if I am not wrong?
Haha, I am not talking about those ornaments and accessories.
When your friend is not attending your party, you say he's missing and he is not a part of it,right?
Ah,I am not speaking of those things too!

I've experienced different kinds of things,
I've missed the things that never exist…


I wish I could write your name in each and every writing of mine that I've ever been writing for you, or I'd be writing in future too, but unfortunately I can't.  This is so melancholic.  I wish I could do what I wished to, but I can't because something that's not mine, can never be mine. I don't want anything that's sombody else's.  Sigh! Things happen even when they shouldn't, we get attached even when we shouldn't have but it's not something we can control. All we can do is to just let it all flow because someone can't be yours but you can just live the whole life being theirs. I don't know if it's right or not but to me even his memories,  his voice and everything he has ever given to me; living with that too would be no less than living in God's paradise